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The feet are mirrors to the whole body and

its health.  Reflexology is based on the principle

that all functions, organs and parts of the body

have their reflexes in the feet. If a part of

the body or an organ is out of balance as can

occur during illness, the corresponding reflex on

the foot becomes congested. This can be felt and

cleared during a course of reflexology. The

treatment is profoundly relaxing so also provides

a wonderful aid to stress management.


Reflexologists  apply gentle pressure to specific areas on  the  feet  by  using relaxing thumb and  finger techniques to improve circulation, clear congested reflexes to specific functions or parts of the body. This brings deep relaxation and aids the body in its healing process.


Aims of Treatment

A Reflexologist aims to promote better general health and well-being and will usually have studied nutrition as part of their training.  Therefore suggestions regarding diet and nutrition may also be offered. Reflexology does not intend to replace conventional medical treatment.  


What can be treated?

Reflexology can be used for many conditions ranging from digestive disorders, irritable bowel and colitis to asthma, migraine and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, back pain and frozen shoulder, infertility and the aches and strains of pregnancy and general relaxation.  Most tension and stress  related illness can also  be greatly  helped because  the  treatment  itself  induces relaxation.      


A Typical Reflexology Foot Chart


























What is a Reflexology Treatment like?

At the first session a full medical history is taken to give the reflexologist as much information as possible about your case.  For the treatment all footwear is removed and you will lie on a comfortable treatment couch for the treatment itself. A special massage oil is used to help with movement over the feet and to help the reflexologist best identify any areas of concern.  At the end of the session you will be left to relax for a few minutes. This is followed by a glass of water. Most people leave feeling very relaxed and refreshed.


How Many Treatments will I need?

Most conditions require a minimum of 4-6 sessions.  Regularity will depend on the intensity of the condition, treatments are usually weekly extending to fortnightly or monthly as improvement occurs.  



Clinic Fees for Reflexology:


All Treatments -  £45.00 (First treatment 90mins/Follow-up treatments 50 mins)


Treatment Package following First treatment -  5x treatments £190.00 (£38.00 each)


Cancellation fees may apply.



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