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Maternity Reflexology

Pregnant woman

Maternity Reflexology is wonderfully supportive

and relaxing during the special time of pregnancy,

helping to relieve the normal aches, pains and

nausea that come with this period in a women’s life.  


Remaining calm and relaxed during pregnancy

helps keep you healthy and positive throughout this

important time which can lead to a more confident,

comfortable birthing. Long standing knowledge

and research studies have demonstrated that those

receiving regular reflexology during pregnancy have

better pregnancies with shorter birthing and less intervention.

Reflexology is used in addition to your regular medical care.


How Many Treatments will I need?


This is entirely up to you, depending on what you are hoping to get out of the treatment. Many women come early (at the end of the first trimester), which is the most beneficial time to come and treatments can be anything from weekly to monthly until your due date.


Others come if they have and problems during the pregnancy, ie nausea, back pain, symphisis pubis pain or excessive tiredness. If you are experiencing nausea or other discomforts it may be more beneficial to come weekly until these symptoms have passed (once you have checked out any concerns with your ante-natal team).


A large number of women come towards the end of pregnancy at 39/40/40+ weeks to avoid induction and encourage spontaneous labour. Conditioning sessions (or natural Reflexology inductions sessions as some Mum's like to call them), can be very relaxing at this time.



What is a Maternity Reflexology Treatment like?


Similar to a normal Reflexology session, except that you'll be seated in a comfortable chair, instead of lying on a couch. Specific attention is made to the relevant reflex areas of pregnancy and an understanding of their significance by the Practitioner is important.  A health case history will be taken during the first session so your needs can be fully met. All footwear is removed and a special massage oil is used to soothe your feet and help the reflexologists hand move over the feet. The treatment is gentle, but firm enough not to 'tickle' and at the end of the session you will be left to relax for a few minutes. Most people leave feeling very relaxed and refreshed. And in all cases Reflexology at this time in your life will be profoundly relaxing and enjoyable!



An article in the Daily Mail online explains how Reflexology may also be of use for Conception and fertility.  Results using Reflexology appear to be so positive in this area that new and specific research has been commissioned.  Follow the link for details:



Clinic Fees for Reflexology:


Treatments: £40 (60mins)


Cancellation fees may apply.

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