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Here at Chichester Healthworks we take a truly holistic

view of health. One of our main treatments is Homeopathy

because of its gentle, effective results based on hundreds

of years of successful outcomes. Below is a brief

explanation of what it is and how it works. But we are always

happy to talk to you in person regarding any questions you

may have about what you are seeking help for.


About Homeopathy

Homeopathy an alternative medicine system that is truly holistic in that it treat the person at a physical, mental and emotional level.  This means it treats the whole person and not just the symptoms.  Homeopathic medicine (or remedies as they are often known), are chosen to match all the characteristics of a patient’s illness. Physical disorders are looked at for what they are but homeopaths also take into account a persons life situation and family traits. In stress/anxiety related illness a homeopath will also look at the physical well-being of the patient. Homeopathay can be beneficial for all the family - babies, children and the elderly alike and even during pregnancy.


What can be treated?

Homeopathy can be used for a very wide range of physical and stress related illness, both acute and chronic.  


How Homeopathy works  

Homeopathy gently stimulates the immune system and vitality. It works on the principle of the law of similars or ‘like cures like’.  Meaning that a substance which might cause a disease can also relieve it.  For example coffee is a stimulant that in some people causes insomnia. When a homeopathic remedy is made from coffee it will often relieve that same insomnia.  Another example are onions, which cause the eyes and nose to run.  Onion or 'Allium Cepa' as it is known in homeopathy, is one of the remedies that can be used to relieve colds or hay fever with the same symptoms.



Clinic Fees for Homeopathy:

First Consultation:         £55.00 (90mins)

Follow up Treatments     £45.00  (40mins)

(Fees include all Homeopathic medicines prescribed)


Cancellation fees may apply.